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Just thought I would drop in and say hello as well as HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Los Angeles, CA USA - Sunday, December 30, 2001 at 22:43:04 (GMT)
Your site is great! Have a good one!
Asian Avenue
Miscellaneous, - Sunday, December 30, 2001 at 02:59:47 (GMT)
We would not know how we could have lived withou Yahoooo!
ACCRA, GHANA - Saturday, December 29, 2001 at 23:21:58 (GMT)
Great Site and very organized.
S Winland
San Jose, Santa Clara/CA USA - Thursday, December 27, 2001 at 18:55:33 (GMT)
nice guestbook
Dave Telecom
San Andreas , ca USA - Friday, December 14, 2001 at 02:34:21 (GMT)
clap clap
soissons, france france - Thursday, December 13, 2001 at 16:20:46 (GMT)
Great Looking Site
Canada - Thursday, December 13, 2001 at 05:13:47 (GMT)
Cool site Wish you much success George
Sale, Cheshire UK - Wednesday, December 12, 2001 at 00:35:10 (GMT)
CHELMSFORD, ESSEX,UNITED KINGDOM UNITED KINGDOM - Saturday, December 08, 2001 at 14:53:11 (GMT)
I rolled the dice, and was here! nice site.
Salt Lake, UT USA - Friday, December 07, 2001 at 16:24:16 (GMT)
You have an outstanding website!
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Washington, DC USA - Thursday, December 06, 2001 at 22:43:06 (GMT)
we have researched many search engine submission services and in our opinion you have one of the best and most cost effective.
Geoffrey Hebdon
Salt Lake City, Utah USA - Monday, December 03, 2001 at 13:17:48 (GMT)
Excellent site, beyond belief
Channing H. Morse Jr.
Wareham, Plymouth---------------Ma. USA - Friday, November 30, 2001 at 23:43:56 (GMT)
nice site
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sunnyvale, ca usa - Thursday, November 29, 2001 at 23:49:38 (GMT)
Interesting. Does your submission Wizard now support Win2000 and XP?
Darwin Steele
Lafayette, CO USA - Thursday, November 29, 2001 at 18:50:33 (GMT)
i dont have any comments yet i havnt done or seen anything.
san diego, ca usa - Tuesday, November 27, 2001 at 11:22:38 (GMT)
I kinda like it. Thanks!
Cherrie Nelson
Tacoma, WA USA - Friday, November 16, 2001 at 08:18:35 (GMT)
Great concept!
Randy Johnson
Sherwood Park, AB Canada - Monday, November 12, 2001 at 23:16:28 (GMT)
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-, - UK - Saturday, November 10, 2001 at 16:25:33 (GMT)
certainly more satisfying than paying 200 dollars a year to the many companies who promise to put you in the top ten. I feel more in control, even if it all seems like magic at the time. More power to you. Lets hope it works! :)
Philip Lansbury
Bures, Suffolk UK - Saturday, November 10, 2001 at 10:16:40 (GMT)
Very good Page !!
Sbg, A A - Saturday, November 10, 2001 at 06:52:48 (GMT)
Great looking website.
Sam Donalson
NHP, NY USA - Thursday, November 08, 2001 at 15:44:14 (GMT)
Great site, keep up the good work
Randall E Eagen
Valparaiso, IN USA - Wednesday, November 07, 2001 at 22:14:29 (GMT)
hi there
- Wednesday, November 07, 2001 at 18:46:35 (GMT)
Really liked your site!
Jon Homes
NY, NY US - Tuesday, November 06, 2001 at 21:51:17 (GMT)
So far so Good! still reviewing
Susan J. Kemp
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada - Sunday, November 04, 2001 at 20:56:55 (GMT)
Great site. Very useful.
Martin / Rentonwww.com
- Wednesday, October 31, 2001 at 11:31:56 (GMT)
Great sites
Funny Pictures
- Saturday, October 27, 2001 at 19:57:02 (BST)
Your Web Submission Wizard helped me get Thousands of hits my counter doesnt lie. Thanks !! -Danny
Danny Wise
Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada - Friday, October 19, 2001 at 22:53:20 (BST)
Very well designed and informative site. I'm currently looking for submission software for a new business venture (personal growth, utilizing NeuroLinguistic Programming), and will probably utilize your services. Best regards, M.S. Klaue New Perceptions
Maryann Simmen Klaue
Fremont, Alameda County/CA U.S.A. - Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 17:26:26 (BST)
very good
LIVERPOOL, - Tuesday, October 09, 2001 at 14:22:50 (BST)
Very cool site!
boston, ma usa - Wednesday, October 03, 2001 at 19:04:38 (BST)
Thanks for maintaining and providing this website. Keep up the good work.
London, - Saturday, September 29, 2001 at 17:32:42 (BST)
thanks for the submission, great site.
scosttsdale, az usa - Thursday, August 23, 2001 at 01:17:47 (GMT/BST)
Emil Muska
Schulenburg, Texas USA - Monday, August 20, 2001 at 04:44:48 (GMT/BST)
Very interested in your site. I'm looking for a submission service to increase traffic to my site.
Raquel Pollock
Lawrenceville, GA USA - Sunday, August 19, 2001 at 21:21:41 (GMT/BST)
Great changes to the site we enjoy all the new improvements all the colors and the new additions banners and eye catching quality Keep up the great work!!!!!
Jesse McLamb
Horse Cave , Kentucky US - Saturday, August 18, 2001 at 03:48:17 (GMT/BST)
Nice site...
USA - Wednesday, August 15, 2001 at 23:40:32 (GMT/BST)
Hey Cool
Rhonda Harris
USA - Saturday, August 11, 2001 at 16:02:57 (GMT/BST)
I like it
Antigua - Monday, August 06, 2001 at 08:04:01 (GMT/BST)
I like your software, and i am thinking of purchasing your excellant software.
nishant patel
Kingsbury, London U.K - Sunday, August 05, 2001 at 21:55:12 (GMT/BST)
Tony Saunders
Botany, N.S.W. Australia - Thursday, August 02, 2001 at 07:34:16 (GMT/BST)
UK UK - Saturday, July 28, 2001 at 08:44:48 (GMT/BST)
Simply wonderful!
idris haruna
lagos, lagos nigeria - Tuesday, July 24, 2001 at 02:43:38 (GMT/BST)
Congartulations on an excellent site/resource guys. wow, very well done. go over to my site and add your great resource to it. later
Rob Mcleod
Maryborough, Queensland Australia - Tuesday, July 24, 2001 at 02:42:45 (GMT/BST)
:) your site is very helpfull more power!!!!
Calapan City, province philippines - Saturday, July 21, 2001 at 01:46:40 (GMT/BST)
Greeat ideas - looks good.
Bob Recla
- Saturday, July 14, 2001 at 04:26:57 (GMT/BST)
Looks Great
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- Saturday, July 14, 2001 at 04:24:18 (GMT/BST)
Interesting site, useful information and resources
- Sunday, July 08, 2001 at 18:56:39 (GMT/BST)
Great Site Wizard! Thankz!
Brenda Washington
NY, NY USA - Saturday, June 30, 2001 at 04:56:04 (GMT/BST)
A great site! Thanks for putting together such a user friendly program! I'll be back again soon - thanks! Scott.
Scott Ohnmeiss & The Power Team
Colorado Springs, CO USA - Friday, April 13, 2001 at 05:27:28 (GMT/BST)
Great Site Good Links Full of Color all the bset to you
Greenock, Renfrewshire Scotland - Thursday, April 05, 2001 at 14:34:52 (GMT/BST)
Love the "random dice" feature. It's fun to play with and you discover some interesting sites in the process. Thanks for the opportunity. John Shepler, "Get Paid Opportunities"
John Shepler
Rockford, IL USA - Saturday, March 31, 2001 at 05:20:06 (GMT/BST)
Best on The Net!
Newport, Gwent UK - Thursday, March 29, 2001 at 01:37:19 (GMT/BST)
I am so impressed with this system! I recently began using WizardV6 and I am very pleased with it. I highly recommend Exploit Wizard for any Business that needs to promote their URL! The instant response and solution to my problem was outstanding. The support team at Exploit gives the term "Excellent Customer Service" new meaning. Thank you, Hayley-take a bow! Tina M. Michaels
Tina M. Michaels
Chambersburg, PA United States - Thursday, March 29, 2001 at 01:09:22 (GMT/BST)
Today was my first visit to "Exploit" and I am quite impressed. I shall be back. I have submitted the URL of TheOldToyShop.com and I feel sure that this will bring results. On my next visit I will tell you how if this submission has brought more visitors to my home page.
David Wells
Ringwood, England - Wednesday, March 28, 2001 at 06:55:37 (GMT/BST)
- Wednesday, March 28, 2001 at 06:33:28 (GMT/BST)
I really enjoyed your screen changing, from circles to disappearing on the side, very exciting. Good work!
Gisborne, New Zealand - Monday, March 26, 2001 at 02:14:41 (GMT/BST)
Just surfed in … interesting site
scott henson
Orlando , FL USA - Monday, March 19, 2001 at 03:09:24 (GMT/BST)
Just signed on.looking forward after trial run to subscribing
Des Harper
Stroud , Glos UK - Saturday, March 17, 2001 at 16:06:13 (GMT/BST)
Thank you for allowing me to leave my link
Presque Isle, Maine USA - Thursday, March 08, 2001 at 15:08:03 (GMT/BST)
nice page!!!
- Wednesday, March 07, 2001 at 21:10:43 (GMT/BST)
Great products
John Buxton
Bottesford, Nottinghamshire UK - Monday, February 19, 2001 at 09:33:37 (GMT/BST)
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Wolf Apache
Houston, Texas USA - Sunday, February 18, 2001 at 05:45:29 (GMT/BST)
Like what you all are doing, students like me find it convenient and in-exspensive.
Brooklyn, Ny USA - Tuesday, February 13, 2001 at 04:32:45 (GMT/BST)
You have a great site!
Claude Winglutshpluner
- Monday, February 12, 2001 at 17:55:10 (GMT/BST)
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Claude Winglutshpluner
d, eerd ddf - Monday, February 12, 2001 at 17:37:55 (GMT/BST)
I have been using this program 4 years now, it works super.
Louisville, KY US - Thursday, February 01, 2001 at 02:17:08 (GMT/BST)
Came by to check out your site, Good Job.
Rick Panoulias
Dawson Creek, BC Canada - Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 06:54:43 (GMT/BST)
I like the idea of submitting my sites to a large number of search engines. Maybe you could add suggestions for making sites search engine friendly. Also, a keyword synonym list would be helpful.
Meade Osborne
Rio Rancho, New Mexico US - Friday, January 26, 2001 at 22:55:39 (GMT/BST)
What a great and helpful program, Thanks
Nell Krieger
O'Fallon, IL U.S.A - Tuesday, January 23, 2001 at 22:00:48 (GMT/BST)
Just stopped by to look at your site. Thanks!
Norcross, GA USA - Monday, January 22, 2001 at 00:35:12 (GMT/BST)
A fantastic product! Even the trial is superb. I am thinking of registering the program soon.
Peter Fuller
Cape Coral, Florida USA - Tuesday, January 09, 2001 at 22:58:51 (GMT/BST)
i love this site!!!
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las vegas, nv usa - Friday, January 05, 2001 at 09:14:42 (GMT/BST)
Marvellous product. I have used it for some time now with good results.
Geoff Gordon
Townsville, Queensland Australia - Wednesday, January 03, 2001 at 11:10:41 (GMT/BST)
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Stump Creek, PA USA - Wednesday, December 27, 2000 at 17:20:32 (GMT/BST)
I want to know what is an exploit
Otawa, Canada Canada - Tuesday, December 19, 2000 at 06:04:24 (GMT/BST)
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- Thursday, December 14, 2000 at 08:30:59 (GMT/BST)
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Mountain View, CA USA - Thursday, December 14, 2000 at 04:31:26 (GMT/BST)
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meiriona davies
ystradgynlais, swansea sa9 1ha UK - Thursday, December 07, 2000 at 13:55:33 (GMT/BST)
Very interesting worthwhile to be visited.
Abderrahman Mattou
Versoix, Switzerland Switzerland - Wednesday, December 06, 2000 at 07:33:02 (GMT/BST)
Very stimulating.
The Hun
Manners, USA - Sunday, December 03, 2000 at 21:47:41 (GMT/BST)
Excelant site the submision wizard is very, very good. All the best Chris
Chris Shone
Montgomery, Powys United Kingdom - Saturday, December 02, 2000 at 11:13:05 (GMT/BST)
The Submition is easy. I like it.
Vernon Williams
Marshall, USA - Tuesday, November 28, 2000 at 16:32:25 (GMT/BST)
emce 2 Gee
london, middlesex uk - Tuesday, November 28, 2000 at 04:33:29 (GMT/BST)
interesting ideas!
- Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 06:17:13 (GMT/BST)
New to your site. Look's like a very good set of web tools.
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Green Brook, New Jersey USA - Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 01:36:06 (GMT/BST)
This looks like a quality sumission program. Just the thing we need to complement our web site design services. If it works as well as we expect it to, you'll be getting another order soon. Mark
Mark Stockton
Chatham, Kent ME4 6QR - Thursday, November 16, 2000 at 12:34:12 (GMT/BST)
Cool site! Fast and easy to use.
- Tuesday, November 14, 2000 at 22:07:47 (GMT/BST)
- Monday, November 06, 2000 at 08:48:55 (GMT/BST)
Great program! I've been having more hits than ever before, thanks.
Liliana Gonzalez
Marysville, California USA - Wednesday, October 25, 2000 at 20:01:22 (GMT/BST)
Your guestbook starts in 64, that seems to make me a veteran with exploit. I used submission wizard three years ago, and all other software I've tried up to now isn't as good. It's a pity it's only in english.
Les Rowell
Witzwort, Schleswig-Holstein Germany - Tuesday, October 24, 2000 at 20:09:58 (GMT/BST)
I've just submitted timhaleguitars and I'll wait the results but the submission wizard was the fastest thing I've yet seen on the web!
Tim Hale
Braithwell Rotherham, South Yorkshire United Kingdom - Friday, October 13, 2000 at 11:31:14 (GMT/BST)
very nice site!
vancouver, bc canada - Friday, October 13, 2000 at 09:43:43 (GMT/BST)
A quick effective, lucid site.
Michael J Stevens
Sandy, Bedfordshire United Kingdom - Friday, September 22, 2000 at 17:47:42 (GMT/BST)
Great site. Very inventive and interesting!
Vancovuer, BC Canada - Monday, September 11, 2000 at 21:44:39 (GMT/BST)
Bravo! Exploit est un superbe logiciel.
Plouzané, Bretagne France - Monday, September 04, 2000 at 20:49:12 (GMT/BST)
Thanks for this helpful bit of genius. I have downloaded your software to give it a try. Already I think it is a bit of alright. Now maybe I can get a bit of room on the very tiny little web. I might get a nice slice of the pie instead of pie in the face. Roses.. Violets are blue like my poetry to you. Exploit is a bit like a bolt from the blue Go for it mate.
David R Broughton
Maitland, NSW Australia - Monday, September 04, 2000 at 08:17:59 (GMT/BST)
Seems like a good service. Plane to try the free service, if I get some hits then I'll try the paid service.
Jerry Goodwin
Moultrie, GA USA - Thursday, August 31, 2000 at 17:16:36 (GMT/BST)
your site is great! love reading and browsing, Thanks.
LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA USA - Thursday, August 24, 2000 at 16:52:56 (GMT/BST)
Great site. I love the page transitions. (How do you do that?). Exploit is the best submission systems I've used to date - I have tried quite a few before settling on EXPLOIT!. JAD.
Julian Davis
Birmingham, West Midlands United Kingdom - Thursday, August 17, 2000 at 09:21:02 (GMT/BST)
I have used the submission wizard for some time to submit http://www.northamptonshire.co.uk and related sub-directories, with a great deal of success. It would be nice to see submission to the UK directories included too Martyn
Martyn R Arnold
Corby, Northamptonshire UK - Tuesday, August 15, 2000 at 07:41:43 (GMT/BST)
Great looking site.
Dale Sexton
- Wednesday, August 09, 2000 at 13:23:20 (GMT/BST)
Cool Service
USA - Tuesday, August 08, 2000 at 14:12:19 (GMT/BST)
Looks like a good service after considering the oposition. We are going top give the free submit service a go, an assess things from there.
Durham, County Durham UK - Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 16:16:36 (GMT/BST)
Class site. I'll be back.
- Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 19:03:08 (GMT/BST)
Warren, NH USA - Monday, July 31, 2000 at 02:44:24 (GMT/BST)
Well done!
Dover, NH USA - Monday, July 31, 2000 at 01:04:48 (GMT/BST)
Great Site!
- Wednesday, July 26, 2000 at 18:16:05 (GMT/BST)
Great site! Your services have helped me out alot. Will be visiting again.
UK - Wednesday, July 26, 2000 at 01:34:20 (GMT/BST)
Looks a very good site, will be visiting more often
Dudley, wm england - Saturday, July 22, 2000 at 09:52:11 (GMT/BST)
Great stuff. I use it all the time.
Jim Orlando
Detroit, MI USA - Tuesday, July 18, 2000 at 03:58:42 (GMT/BST)
you have done great help to me and for my business your site have saved my time Thank you verymuch
Mumbai, India India - Sunday, July 16, 2000 at 21:20:14 (GMT/BST)
Ferdinand Rey
San Jose, CA USA - Friday, July 14, 2000 at 01:39:08 (GMT/BST)
Ferdinand Rey
San Jose, CA USA - Friday, July 14, 2000 at 01:37:45 (GMT/BST)
I totally dig the random dice link thingy. It's a great way for people to get hits without dealing with a web ring thing. I think I will add the dice to my site.
Mackenzie Scott
Santa Cruz, CA U.S.A - Thursday, July 13, 2000 at 09:44:48 (GMT/BST)
Your program has been very helpful in promoting my website http://www.portraitartist.com/wells
Karin Wells
Peterborough, NH USA - Tuesday, July 11, 2000 at 00:34:35 (GMT/BST)
Your site and services are great! We have used them with phenominal results. Keep up the good work your doing. Regards, J.R. DeMallie, Executive Director
AAA American
Borough of Park Ridge, New Jersey US of A - Monday, July 10, 2000 at 21:04:12 (GMT/BST)
Great site!!!
Debbie Poirier
Bloomer, WI, WI USA - Saturday, July 08, 2000 at 22:41:48 (GMT/BST)
Your site is sharp and easy to follow. Your Submission Wizard is a very user-friendly and thorough product. I highly recommend it. We have been using it for almost a year and intend to continue doing so. Thank you and God bless!
Mrs. L. Taylor
Milford (near Cincinnati), Ohio U.S.A. - Saturday, July 08, 2000 at 19:18:52 (GMT/BST)
Very useful software!
San Francisco, CA USA - Friday, July 07, 2000 at 21:57:52 (GMT/BST)
Vulcan, Vulcan Vulcan - Tuesday, July 04, 2000 at 18:12:37 (GMT/BST)
This is the second time I buy your software, since I got satisfied from the results the first time I used it, it's fantastic.
Magdi Mikhail
Mississauga, Ontario Canada - Tuesday, July 04, 2000 at 06:12:23 (GMT/BST)
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Jeff St.Clair
Torbay, Devon UK - Friday, June 30, 2000 at 13:35:39 (GMT/BST)
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- Tuesday, June 27, 2000 at 03:32:18 (GMT/BST)
Thanks so much..for your excellent service...
Sydney, NSW Australia - Saturday, June 24, 2000 at 05:25:24 (GMT/BST)
Thank you for all your help in promoting my web sites I will be sure to tell everyone about your software
Richard Snowdon
Coventry, West Midlands England - Friday, June 23, 2000 at 12:43:34 (GMT/BST)
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BEDWORTH, WARWICKSHIRE ENGLAND - Wednesday, June 21, 2000 at 18:36:57 (GMT/BST)
You have a really nice website, I enjoyed my visit very much, keep up the good work.
Dale Catron
New Castle, Henry/Indiana USA - Wednesday, June 21, 2000 at 09:28:23 (GMT/BST)
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CJ Byron
Tukwila, WA USA - Sunday, June 18, 2000 at 17:56:47 (GMT/BST)
just nosing around ...
- Saturday, June 17, 2000 at 14:30:20 (GMT/BST)
Great site! I really like the layout.
- Friday, June 16, 2000 at 15:06:37 (GMT/BST)
Like the idea you guys have here.Keep up the good work!
Niagara Falls , Ontario Canada - Thursday, June 08, 2000 at 02:27:28 (GMT/BST)
Thanks for making such a helpful site.
Nell Jones
Nashville, Williamson US - Sunday, May 28, 2000 at 05:39:05 (GMT/BST)
FAIRBANKS, ALASKA USA - Wednesday, May 24, 2000 at 05:05:59 (GMT/BST)
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Leeds, West-Yorkshire United Kingdom - Monday, May 22, 2000 at 19:53:52 (GMT/BST)
i just wanted to say this was alot easier than i thought it would be really cool too do u guys have n e thing else i could add to my page? ThanX Michelle
Chesapeake, Virginia USA - Monday, May 22, 2000 at 16:19:19 (GMT/BST)
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Exeter, dEVON England - Sunday, May 21, 2000 at 11:18:20 (GMT/BST)
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Newcastle, T & W UK - Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 19:09:11 (GMT/BST)
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Ling Sun
Beijing, China China - Tuesday, May 16, 2000 at 02:59:04 (GMT/BST)
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London, Essex United Kingdom - Thursday, May 11, 2000 at 07:49:33 (GMT/BST)
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Chris Cudlip
Blackpool, Lancashire England, UK - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 23:46:30 (GMT/BST)
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Shelia Carlisle
Morganton, NC USA - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 01:59:44 (GMT/BST)
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Bristol, CT USA - Saturday, May 06, 2000 at 08:53:55 (GMT/BST)
Excellent WebSite!!! I've been looking for something like this for 2 years now.
Glenn Bynes
Parsippany, NJ USA - Wednesday, May 03, 2000 at 18:08:58 (GMT/BST)
The Exploit Wizard, plus Bellacoola logfile analysis software, are all I use to promote my site, and they make life soooo much easier!!
Cheshunt, Hertfordshire UK - Wednesday, May 03, 2000 at 11:28:59 (GMT/BST)
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Israel - Sunday, April 30, 2000 at 23:18:10 (GMT/BST)
I look forward to using exploit.net in the very near future.
Steven Forsberg
SOUTHAMPTON, HAMPSHIRE UNITED KINGDOM - Wednesday, April 26, 2000 at 13:10:49 (GMT/BST)
From what I've seen so far....it's GREAT. Thanks.
Jenny Lynn
Baltimore, Md usa - Friday, April 21, 2000 at 17:58:55 (GMT/BST)
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Andy Cornell
Oldham, Lancashire England - Wednesday, April 19, 2000 at 09:05:53 (GMT/BST)
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Mike Rudman
New Castle, Delaware United States - Sunday, April 16, 2000 at 03:12:01 (GMT/BST)
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Wareham, MA United States - Wednesday, April 12, 2000 at 02:40:00 (GMT/BST)
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Graeme Nadin
London, UK - Sunday, April 09, 2000 at 16:30:07 (GMT/BST)
SEATTLE, WA USA - Wednesday, April 05, 2000 at 04:54:19 (GMT/BST)
Great looking site, Had to come back to look around again. Lots of good info here
Dave Wills
Youngstown, Ohio USA - Thursday, March 30, 2000 at 20:21:37 (GMT)
I am going to try the submission wizard for a month to see if it does what you say it does. I hope it does.
David F. Madams
EXETER, DEVON U.K. - Wednesday, March 29, 2000 at 10:32:05 (GMT)
Quick Updates! Easy to use! I use this as more of a name branding tool for my clients. Nothing beats manual submission to the TOP 15 engines, but your software allows me REACH that I could NEVER, or would NOT attempt to reach manually. Thanks for an easy to use interface. KUDOS!
San Diego, California United States - Thursday, March 23, 2000 at 17:11:36 (GMT)
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Edmund ( Miami Beach )
Miami Beach, Florida USA - Friday, March 17, 2000 at 12:42:49 (GMT)
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Hanif Khatri
jeddah, saudi arabia saudi arabia - Thursday, March 16, 2000 at 17:25:46 (GMT)
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- Sunday, March 12, 2000 at 00:52:48 (GMT)
Very informative.
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Thanks again for all your help. We shall continue to be regular visitors of your site. Again thank you for your wonderful support. Simply South Beach is always ready to assist your clients with their reservations, assisting them with their trip to South Beach Florida. Edmund
Edmund ( Miami Beach )
Miami Beach, Florida USA - Friday, March 17, 2000 at 12:42:49 (GMT)
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Hanif Khatri
jeddah, saudi arabia saudi arabia - Thursday, March 16, 2000 at 17:25:46 (GMT)
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Answers 2000
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Marina Del Rey, CA USA - Wednesday, January 01, 1997 at 19:58:25 (GMT)
I enjoyed the Free trial and decided to give the Wizard a full 30 day runprior to making a long term commitment.
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Waco, Texas USA - Tuesday, December 31, 1996 at 17:09:08 (GMT)
Exploit Subnission Wizard is the best thing I have come accross for taking the pain out of getting your Page out there for less hassle and is well worth the money!!!
Mike Brusky
Marshfield, Wood/Wisconsin US of A - Thursday, December 26, 1996 at 02:44:56 (GMT)
Wow! It took me less than 60 seconds to realize that Exploit Submission Wizard is just what I've been searching for!Exploit Submission Wizard is a webmaster's dream come true. You have my order!
Rick Boden
Honolulu, Hawaii USA - Monday, December 23, 1996 at 20:22:57 (GMT)
I tried it, I loved it, now I need a key. Maybe you shouldcall the key a wand, every Wizard needs his wand, everyWebmaster needs a Wizard. I am off tho see the Wizard ofURLs.
Don Schmidt
Redwood City, California USA - Sunday, December 22, 1996 at 18:22:20 (GMT)
Found the site very interesting, reason being I'm a robotics engineer and have work on quite a few of fighter planes.
Lorraine, Quebec Canada - Sunday, December 22, 1996 at 15:41:04 (GMT)
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OUTSTANDING SOFTWARE !!! This is the best I have seen. It brings back memories of the shareware I used a million times and benefitted so much I felt guilty and just had to register!!! Keep up the good work, Dave Billings
David H. Billings
Anna Maria, MANATEE/FLORIDA USA - Sunday, December 22, 1996 at 03:02:06 (GMT)
Kestern Communications Group, of Orlando Florida, is please to be associated with Exploit, and wish Andy and all his staff a prifitable 1997 From all of us at K.C.G.
Kestern Communications Group,
Orlando, Florida USA - Friday, December 20, 1996 at 22:44:31 (GMT)
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Charles Pritchard (TheCBrain)
Lake Oswego, OR USA - Friday, December 20, 1996 at 01:04:17 (GMT)
I have only had a KEY for a short time , but I don't know how I got along without it. I really appreciate the service you provide and look forward to your growth. I would be glad to help you Bata Test any new potential software you are developing." Your a GREATEST SERVICE WEB " Thank you for helping my Company being SUCCESSFUL !!
Harry Blum
Wilmington, Delaware United States - Thursday, December 19, 1996 at 18:28:30 (GMT)
I love you guys,sheer damn genious!!!!!BRAVO
Lowell A. Galumbeck
Newport News, Va USA - Sunday, December 15, 1996 at 23:50:40 (GMT)
excellent, clean presentation
Jim Baxter
Hagersville, Ontario Canada - Friday, December 13, 1996 at 21:39:33 (GMT)
Love your service. We are now on 226 engines.
Phil Sturm
Shrewsbury, NJ USA - Thursday, December 12, 1996 at 19:50:07 (GMT)
Great service. It took me 2 1/2 hours to load to 16 search engines manually. With your wizard, it took 2 minutes.
George Matyjewicz
Rutherford, NJ USA - Thursday, December 12, 1996 at 19:48:29 (GMT)
It seems to be a bueatifull thing, Now when are you going to create a MAC Version so the other half of the world can use it?
Les R. Burk
Tahuya, WA USA - Thursday, December 12, 1996 at 02:15:05 (GMT)
Great , just submitted free list, will soon get on board forpaid account.
Jack Leslie
Clementsport, Nova Scotia Canada, B0S 1E0 - Tuesday, December 10, 1996 at 19:34:42 (GMT)
Don't leave home without it. (The best submit program I have found so far)
Harry Fegeley
Willingboro, Burlington/NJ USA - Monday, December 09, 1996 at 23:43:26 (GMT)
This is a great tool I am anxious on trying it.
Lori Segal
Elmwood Park, NJ USA - Sunday, December 08, 1996 at 22:04:44 (GMT)
Edmonton , Alberta Canada - Sunday, December 08, 1996 at 19:05:45 (GMT)
fast, powerful and simple to use. ya can't beat that with a stick!
miami, fl usa - Sunday, December 08, 1996 at 03:12:45 (GMT)
It's cool!
Mitsuho Sakata
Tokyo, Japan - Saturday, December 07, 1996 at 15:21:50 (GMT)
Nice!!! i like sites like this !!!
Thor Arne Jensen
2350 Nes Hedmark NORWAY - Saturday, December 07, 1996 at 02:07:51 (GMT)
Ill like it its coolIf someone have there own homepage please give me the adress send me an email ok
Halmstad, Halland Sweden - Saturday, December 07, 1996 at 00:47:43 (GMT)
We would like to register this site with the top search engines i.e. Yahoo, Altavista, Webcrawler, Lycos. I have tried to do this before with Submit It but the only search engine that successful was ComFind. Will your Wizard software allow us to do this?
Lucy Culpepper
Garden Grove, CA US - Friday, December 06, 1996 at 06:50:22 (GMT)
Awsome! What a Time Saver!!
Dan Govatos
Garden Grove, CA US - Friday, December 06, 1996 at 06:50:22 (GMT)
Wow, I'm impressed.
Marquette, Michigan USA - Thursday, December 05, 1996 at 20:46:32 (GMT)
looks pretty good. when i have more time i will check it out better....thanks, from the chain mail guy(kmig)
- Monday, December 02, 1996 at 05:18:33 (GMT)
Plenty of infos Thanks
Ana Cristina DE LION
Paris, FRANCE - Monday, December 02, 1996 at 03:52:33 (GMT)
, Minnesota USA - Saturday, November 30, 1996 at 20:16:43 (GMT)
I will not mention this to anyone in my business. I consider this service a proprietary business tool.
Thomas M. Reynolds
West Liberty, OH USA - Friday, November 29, 1996 at 23:01:17 (GMT)
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Medford, New Jersey USA - Thursday, November 28, 1996 at 06:40:38 (GMT)
What a brilliant site, you guy's have done the Internet a terrific service. Keep up the good work my friends.Sam Eales
Sam Eales
Cranleigh, Surrey United Kingdom - Wednesday, November 27, 1996 at 22:56:33 (GMT)
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Marco Masciadri
Erba, Como Italy - Tuesday, November 26, 1996 at 11:56:42 (GMT)
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Angus Eitel
Edinburgh, Scotland - Monday, November 25, 1996 at 10:47:59 (GMT)
Thank you for sending my registration key. I love the software and am pleased to see a good product for a fair price. I will be sure to purchase another key in 6 months.
David Stone

Just surfing the Net, wondering what's all out there.
Roy Heron
Madison, Indiana Jefferson - Sunday, November 24, 1996 at 05:40:19 (GMT)
Lets see if this is as good as they say.!!!!
Dundee Design Team
Dundee, Scotland U.K - Saturday, November 23, 1996 at 14:07:33 (GMT)
I find this site interesting and helpful.
Charles Wells
St. Louis, Missouri USA - Saturday, November 23, 1996 at 00:00:44 (GMT)
Impressive sight! Will return
Mark Kirk
Caseyville, IL USA - Wednesday, November 20, 1996 at 05:03:55 (GMT)
Hey - just downloaded the SubWizard. After downloading & updating the files/search engines I submitted one of our sites to 18 engines in 8 minutes. That's pretty good. Seems like a friendly product.s
Jason L. Fritts
Kansas City, Missouri United States - Friday, November 15, 1996 at 21:20:12 (GMT)
Outstanding! Finally a web promo page with new and easyto understand information
- Friday, November 15, 1996 at 10:12:41 (GMT)
This is a wonderful service!!
- Friday, November 15, 1996 at 04:29:13 (GMT)
Brilliant Stuff to help promote our Web Site!
Elbowroom Limited
London, United Kingdom - Tuesday, November 12, 1996 at 17:35:17 (GMT)
Your site is exactly what I have been looking for over the past two weeks. I jsut requested a quote for your services.
Dennis Thompkins
Tiburon, CA USA - Wednesday, November 06, 1996 at 23:35:42 (GMT)
You have an excellent site that provides good information and allows people to help themselves!! (Idid n't mean it quite like that!!)
robin merritt
Ipswich, Suffolk UK - Wednesday, November 06, 1996 at 21:34:46 (GMT)
Finally I've found an easy way to advertise our Web Page!
Unit Secretary
Bordon, Hampshire England - Tuesday, November 05, 1996 at 20:12:03 (GMT)
Submissions Wizard great idea!!!
Neil Jaques
Bordon, Hampshire England - Tuesday, November 05, 1996 at 20:08:16 (GMT)
What a great idea!
Danny Lynch
Sacramento, CA USA - Tuesday, November 05, 1996 at 16:45:07 (GMT)
This is THE BEST and easiest way to promote any site on the web.
Daren T. Adams
Layton, UT USA - Tuesday, November 05, 1996 at 00:07:33 (GMT)
none yet - but interested in setting up com - address !
kaj flinta
Dragør/Copenhagen, Denmark Denmark - Monday, November 04, 1996 at 21:39:32 (GMT)
The best piece of software I've come across.Saves a whole lot of time with excellent results!!Keep up the good work.
Ray D.
Butler, NJ USA - Sunday, November 03, 1996 at 18:43:39 (GMT)
What a GREAT idea!!! I am glad I found you :{D I will highly recomed you to all my internet friends.
david akerley
troy, michigan usa - Sunday, November 03, 1996 at 01:06:43 (GMT)
nice, will come back
Jim Hatch
- Saturday, November 02, 1996 at 17:09:30 (GMT)
Great site. Thanks! I hope you visit my castle sometime,where you'll be met with a smile!
Tammy Sue Bushee'/aka. Cinderella*
San Diego, California US - Saturday, November 02, 1996 at 05:47:39 (GMT)
Very user friendly. Good site.
John McAlister
Columbus, Franklin/OH USA - Friday, November 01, 1996 at 21:23:33 (GMT)
great idea-excellent design
Wilmington, Delaware USA - Thursday, October 31, 1996 at 01:37:42 (GMT)
Very good piece of software, very impressed, saves a lot of time manually registering a web site.
Jon Hill
Folkestone, Kent England - Tuesday, October 29, 1996 at 11:00:50 (GMT)
I greatly enjoy your random link feature, I often find cool pages that way. Thank you for this service
Daniell Newman
Riverside, Ca USA - Sunday, October 27, 1996 at 05:57:04 (GMT)
Free evaluation program obtained through PCPro cover disc
David Needham
Whitchurch, Shropshire England - Friday, October 25, 1996 at 13:28:56 (BST)
I really found your site informative. I just downloadedthe submission Wizard so will let you know what I thinkabout that in a few days.
Sharon Remund
Salem, OR USA - Friday, October 25, 1996 at 10:24:36 (BST)
Great Idea, I have added your link to my Page, and I will be back to check out the Wizard.
Mildura, Victoria Australia - Friday, October 25, 1996 at 02:14:09 (BST)
I will need information continuosly in the future. Please send emails once you have it.M. Canda.
Marcelo Canda
Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina - Thursday, October 24, 1996 at 19:25:53 (BST)
A lot of fun! This is a great place to promote your sites!(Now, I gotta learn cgi) :)
Jason H.
Long Island, NY USA - Wednesday, October 23, 1996 at 23:35:54 (BST)
I like this so far. Great time saver and easy to use. Ifit produces like we are hoping I will buy a key soon.
James Heishman (Jim And Son SatelliteTV)
Camden, DE Kent - Wednesday, October 23, 1996 at 18:07:14 (BST)
This system worked like a dream. Unbelievably easy!!
Chris Manley
charlotte, north carolina usa - Tuesday, October 22, 1996 at 00:02:55 (BST)
Great program for a new person. Not confusing, with ease to get a handle on to unfamiliar territory. Magical ! :)Big THANKS to the Wizard/Creators.
S. Tahoe , CA USofA - Saturday, October 19, 1996 at 15:29:44 (BST)
Fun site here. Come on over to BOMBSIGHT if you'reinterested in cars...way cooooooool
Deborah DeStefano
Studio City, CA USA - Friday, October 18, 1996 at 04:23:27 (BST)
My first time to your site.I love the way you "undersell and over deliver!"
Barry M Sawyer
Chicago, IL U.S.A - Tuesday, October 15, 1996 at 15:44:17 (BST)
Oh joy! I could hardly contain myself!
Fred Wada
Salt Lake City, Utah USA - Monday, October 14, 1996 at 21:07:19 (BST)
We are looking for free areas to submit our web page world wide. We are unsure of what to do so any suggestions would be greatly appreciatedJim And Son Satellite TV
James Heishman
Camden, DE US - Monday, October 14, 1996 at 19:47:00 (BST)
Refreshingly bright - and fast. A pleasing site to visit..
Bill Shipp
Slough, Berkshire UK - Sunday, October 13, 1996 at 22:09:50 (BST)
I tryed all types of WWW Submit Your URL! pages and know how time consuming it is. In 20 minutes I have downloaded, installed and submitted my site to 20 search engines. Really easy! As a programmer I feel a BIG BIG ENVY for the team that developed this product. The interaction with The Net is really superb. I guest this will work.Jorge Grippo
Jorge Grippo
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Argentina - Sunday, October 13, 1996 at 08:41:39 (BST)
THE best piece of software I have seen to date in my computerlife of 30 Yrs. Great. Keep it up. Very Useful.
M M Ali
Dubai, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates - Saturday, October 12, 1996 at 10:32:38 (BST)
I can't wait to try it. If it works as intended, you were sent from Heaven!!
Larry Cook
Naples, Florida US - Tuesday, October 08, 1996 at 17:42:38 (BST)
Friendly Website & Interesting products
Andy Millar
Windsor, Berkshire United Kingdom - Tuesday, October 08, 1996 at 15:45:17 (BST)
Very informative...
T A Hurdus-Warren
Wakefield, W Yorkshire UK - Tuesday, October 08, 1996 at 12:35:32 (BST)
if the wizard works as well as promised it will be a greattimesaver for my clients athttp://www.acnet.demon.co.ukMartyn
Martyn R Arnold FCCA ATII
Corby, Northamptonshire United Kingdom - Tuesday, October 08, 1996 at 09:07:09 (BST)
It's a great program.
Carlton Johnson
Weldon, NC USA - Monday, October 07, 1996 at 20:23:29 (BST)
Brilliant Idea, we'll follow it up
Andrew Hooper
Fleet, Hampshire England - Sunday, October 06, 1996 at 11:35:52 (BST)
I really like your submit wizard. It has given me an idea on my web page. Thanks
Ricky Vasquez
Forney, Texas USA - Friday, October 04, 1996 at 23:32:57 (BST)
I have just discovered your site. This is just what new internet based businesses like mine need to succeed. My heartfelt thanks. I shall buy a key very soon!.
Gary Williams
Benfleet, Essex U.K. - Friday, October 04, 1996 at 22:51:42 (BST)
Your site is wonderfully laid out, and easy to read and follow. Your software is a blessing in disguise. Thank you.
Andrew Streat
Toronto, Ontario Canada - Friday, October 04, 1996 at 18:52:23 (BST)
Great Page
Tony Grove
St.Neots, Cambs. England - Wednesday, October 02, 1996 at 12:14:36 (BST)
Good site !!!
M. Hutapea
Jakarta, N/A Indonesia - Wednesday, October 02, 1996 at 07:01:26 (BST)
Thank you for a very helpfuf service.
Jarmo Hupli
Helsinki, FI Finland - Tuesday, October 01, 1996 at 21:35:42 (BST)
I found very interesting your page.
Jose Manuel Salomon S.
Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico - Thursday, September 26, 1996 at 21:35:09 (BST)
We downloaded your software and will try it out today.We will let you know shortly our results and look fowardto becoming a client.
Kenneth Troy
Wayne, New Jersey USA - Wednesday, September 25, 1996 at 21:55:53 (BST)
Nielle Truter
Stellenbosch, WESTERN CAPE SOUTH AFRICA - Thursday, September 19, 1996 at 18:31:14 (BST)
Great Site! Wow! Keep up the super work!
Mark Bren
USA - Thursday, September 19, 1996 at 03:29:54 (BST)
Looks good but I'm still finding my way
Ruakaka, New Zealand - Wednesday, September 18, 1996 at 08:54:56 (BST)
I like the random link stuff. Tell me more about some cool stuff.
Jay DeBard
Dayton, OH USA - Monday, September 16, 1996 at 01:31:23 (BST)
Neat site!! I tried out the Wizard last nite and I thinkI'm gonna try to get the boss to spring for a key.Keep the updates coming and have a nice day :-)
Kenny Johnson
Alexandria, LA USA - Saturday, September 14, 1996 at 21:17:46 (BST)
WOW, what an interesting and exciting site, its got all the right ingredients to web users come back again and again!
Phil Cartmell
Blackpool,, Lancashire United Kingdom - Saturday, September 14, 1996 at 10:38:25 (BST)
This is a very cool page. Thank you for the great service.
Colin Yearwood
Brooklyn, NY, - Friday, September 13, 1996 at 15:34:13 (BST)
Thank You! You Have a Nice Site. Hope You Will Visit Mine
Warren R. Parker
New York City, NY usa - Sunday, September 08, 1996 at 13:12:01 (BST)
The Principle of AllCom is using your Wizard successfullyand I decided to give it a go.
James Thomson
Rancho Cucamonga, California U.S.A. - Thursday, September 05, 1996 at 15:39:59 (BST)
Very nice page!
Mitchell E. Sanders
Brea, Orange/CA USA - Wednesday, September 04, 1996 at 09:30:41 (BST)
Obviously a businss-like venture. I am going to get my home page 100% then use your service. I shall then find out what you can do that normal search engines cannot do.
Brian Snellgrove
London, England - Saturday, August 31, 1996 at 18:28:33 (BST)
Very interesting !!!!
Cramlington, Northumberland UK - Thursday, August 29, 1996 at 14:10:30 (BST)
Looking forward to trying the sub wizard!
Rob Wilson
Chester, Cheshire UK - Wednesday, August 28, 1996 at 20:59:32 (BST)
Boom, I like you Submission Wizard, he's the greatest, thanx again!!
BenJamin Prater
Carthage, MO USA - Wednesday, August 28, 1996 at 20:03:13 (BST)
I enjoyed my visit and have added your roll the dice link to my link page. - Jim Barr
Players Pool League
Kansas City, MO USA - Monday, August 26, 1996 at 05:11:09 (BST)
I tried the trial verson of submission wizard, pretty neat. I just ordered the registration key and am anxious to try it out. Looks like a great product.
Greg Dobbs
Wichita, KS USA - Sunday, August 25, 1996 at 23:59:28 (BST)
A superb site with some great graphics. I have tried Exploit Submission Wizard and like it very much, if I get some good results from the free trial version I will just have to invest in a key! Keep up the fine work.
Martin Moyse
Colwyn Bay, Conwy, North Wales United Kingdom - Saturday, August 24, 1996 at 00:55:06 (BST)
Fantastic Tool. I submitted to around a 100 different sitesin about 30 minutes using the registered version. A truetime saver and less expensive than the paid submissionservice. Plus you know for sure that they were submitted
Brianna Lawrence
Greenwood, SC US - Wednesday, August 21, 1996 at 00:51:09 (BST)
Just Looking
Terry Coles
Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty New Zealand - Monday, August 19, 1996 at 20:16:47 (BST)
Your Wizard graphic is neat
Bob Gelinas
San Antonio, Tx US - Saturday, August 17, 1996 at 23:28:17 (BST)
Ross Tubbs
Campbell, ca usa - Thursday, August 15, 1996 at 08:16:52 (BST)
I have tried wizard and I like the way it works.
Robert McCune
Fayetteville, Cumberland/NC USA - Tuesday, August 13, 1996 at 01:10:11 (BST)
Absolutely Excellent!!!!!!!!!Just added my URL to 25 engines in under 7 minutes.Can see the advantage of buying a key. Are engines remembered so they don't dupklicate or is this a manual function of the user?????
Frank Czap
Castle Rock, Colorado USA - Monday, August 12, 1996 at 02:38:19 (BST)
Interesting service you offer!
Roger Karlsson
Ornskoldsvik, SWEDEN - Sunday, August 11, 1996 at 19:22:09 (BST)
Claus Soerensen
Grindsted, Ribe Denmark - Friday, August 09, 1996 at 21:52:05 (BST)
Exploit is a fabulous product! I have been in on the net for a long time and this product is the most robust and impressive work of art I've seen in a long time! Excellent software!
Thad Stacy
USA - Wednesday, August 07, 1996 at 17:56:18 (BST)
I think the site is wonderful. I am going to try the new software.I am a Web Marketing Consultant. I am hoping the software willsave me time when marketing my clients on the web.
Therese Watley
Jamaica, NY US - Tuesday, August 06, 1996 at 05:59:02 (BST)
Nice Page ... I've left a BookMarkI'll be back.
Richard Larratt
Demorestville, Ontario Canada - Tuesday, August 06, 1996 at 03:29:48 (BST)
Submission Wizzard works great! BIG timesaver! Thanks-Thanks-Thanks.
Russell Hansborough
Landover, PG/Maryland USA - Sunday, August 04, 1996 at 19:40:16 (BST)
The Dice are cool! Had to add them to my page!
St. Louis, MO USA - Thursday, August 01, 1996 at 10:30:10 (BST)
From what I have seen, I have obtained some useful info.Thanks for letting me visit your site.
Dana Sapp
Jacksonville, Florida USA - Thursday, August 01, 1996 at 00:13:14 (BST)
Tell me more.
Bob Sedor
Chicago, Ill USA - Tuesday, July 30, 1996 at 09:55:30 (BST)
It's a very very good site !!!Good luck ;-)
Manu Cordier
Beersel, Belgium Belgium - Monday, July 22, 1996 at 23:14:52 (BST)
Great looking page, and the Submission Wizard is a amazing.
Heimir Hilmarsson
Hafnarfjordur, Iceland Iceland - Monday, July 22, 1996 at 19:05:17 (BST)

The following users have signed our guest book, why not add an entry for yourself?

Your site is extremely CLASSY! I love your SubmissionWizard!!! It is very easy to use despite my paralysisfrom my shoulders to my toes. Thank You!!!
Robbie Vierra-Lambert
Torrance, California USA - Sunday, July 21, 1996 at 11:46:54 (BST)
Everything one your web site is well laid out and easily accessed.The site is also quick to load which is very helpful at my low baud rate(14.4K) Keep it up!!
Chris Genge
Abbotsford, BC Canada - Tuesday, July 16, 1996 at 08:34:41 (BST)
You've got a great page! I found your page because of work (fate?)
Well, hate goodbyes but... gotta go!

- Thursday, July 04, 1996 at 00:26:54 (BST)
Great page. Very useful. Love your Submission Wizard. Will feature your page in our 'Compuflash Bulletin'
John Sauvageau
Crofton, BC Canada - Wednesday, July 03, 1996 at 05:10:24 (BST)
Nice site.It has a good balance of text and graphics(not to heavy graphics that slows down the downloading of the page).Bye for nowMike
Mikael Mertanen
Gavle, Sweden - Tuesday, July 02, 1996 at 13:16:47 (BST)
Great job. Keep up the good work.Tom
Tom Walls
Gainesville, Fl USA - Tuesday, July 02, 1996 at 04:45:41 (BST)
Enjoyed the visit to your site. I found the submission wizard a very nice piece of software. Way to go.Also, check out my site in Charlotte. It's calledwebkorner.com.
Scott Huffman
Charlotte, NC USA - Saturday, June 29, 1996 at 21:07:57 (BST)
Very nice site I hope you can help me get my business off the ground!!!!
Richard Murrow
Paola, KS USA - Thursday, June 27, 1996 at 06:08:40 (BST)
Really neat!
ben norman
tucker, ga usa - Thursday, June 27, 1996 at 05:01:47 (BST)
Very impressed, I am setting up an IAP Server and will be in touchfor links etc. I should be up in abouit 4-5 weeks.
Bob de Gouveia
miami, Dade USA - Sunday, June 23, 1996 at 22:48:19 (BST)
Great site! I am new to all this and need all the help I canget. Thanks!
Carina Reed
Salem, OR USA - Monday, June 17, 1996 at 22:08:48 (BST)
Haven't looked at everything yet, but so far so good.
J.B. Simard
Toronto, ON Canada - Friday, June 14, 1996 at 07:05:15 (BST)
Nice pages
David Tomalin
- Monday, June 10, 1996 at 10:56:23 (BST)
The dice is a neat utility !
Kjetil Nordstrand
Karlstad, Warmland Sweden - Monday, June 03, 1996 at 12:39:29 (BST)
Very helpful.
Don Jones
P.O.Box 34,queenstown, Md. 21658 USA - Thursday, May 30, 1996 at 19:33:35 (BST)
At the present time I have very limited free time and hope that your service will aid me in my emergance in the WWW.
Craig A. Miller
Lebanon, Pennsylvania USA - Sunday, May 26, 1996 at 20:16:09 (BST)
Your site is interesting and helpful.
Marty Zucker
Palmetto, Fl. USA - Saturday, May 25, 1996 at 15:12:46 (BST)
This is a nice service to freely exploit web pages all over the internet. The Submission Wizard is an amazing program created for helping us web sites get that hit counter climbing fast by submitting our site everywhere and that's important!
Brian Bisaillon
Sudbury, Ontario Canada - Wednesday, May 22, 1996 at 21:05:17 (BST)
Services such are yours are a definite "must" to any commercial site.
Peter Farquharson
Saskatoon, Sask Canada
Great idea. As an association for the information industry in North Carolina, I'm sure we have a number of companies who would be interested in your service.
Alice Denson
Research Triangle Park, NC USA
Very well laid out site. I have not heard of your Company before, are you UK or USA based? L Kerry
Lee Kerry
Dartford, Kent England
A clean, sharp, crisp site! I will recommend to all. The Dice are a great idea.
Anthony lipari
Great site
PORT ELIZABETH, EASTERN PROVINCE SOUTH AFRICA - Sunday, April 14, 1996 at 18:52:40 (BST)
Great looking page - one of the best we have come across, will visit again.
Mitchell & Shahana Smith
Thanks for making the random link facility availble to all.
Harvey Morris
London, England U.K.
Great looking page : fast and easy on the eye.
Huddersfield, W.Yorks United Kingdom
Awesome site, Love the generator, Even put it on my page!
Nathan Powless
Atlanta, Georgia USA


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